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The Spirit about Girafeo

We are a creative team based in Brussels specialized in storytelling through the medium of film making.
We have an obsession for anything that has a story to be told. We believe in the strength of a good story which is both honest and well told.

It’s all about keywords.

We look for what’s hiding behind the surface. This is because if beauty exists, it’s often likely to be on the other side, with the inherent truth of the people, things and places. A truth that we like to magnify by directing authentic movies by putting the story in the heart of our work, by focusing on each detail and by creating empathy.

We create greater things together than individually. This is the statement that motivated the creation of Girafeo. We are focused on creating a collaborative work atmosphere where every voice is heard.

Our cameras are the keys which can let us open doors, discover new worlds and meet men and women who we never imagined existed before filming them. Our most important focus is always for our spectator, who we hope will travel with us, leaving for a moment his daily life to dream, think, here and there.

Cinema is art, and art is subjective. But it’s also rigour. This is why we are constantly learning, reading, listening, sharing, so that our next movie could always reach higher ambition. However, beauty for beauties sake is vain. For us the importance is in a beautiful story.

A tear. An uncontrollable laughter, wide-open eyes. Goose bumps. Without emotion, one can question the relevance of cinema- That is why we want to create an explosion of feelings. A lot of colours, nuances and life. If you have a story to share, we want to hear it!

The Body Our work 1/13

portfolio back to nature

OstBelgiën, Back to Nature. Back to nature is our second advert for National Geographic. It is about the beautiful hiking paths in « OstBelgiën ».

The storytelling of this film is based on the idea that every man is born to walk. It’s in his nature, in his roots.

Client: EastBelgium (www.eastbelgium.com)
Agency: Transfer - National Geographic

portfolio peugeot

Peugeot, The Guardian Angels. This film tells us the story of a man, Jan, who was saved thanks to the SOS Connect technology. We show the encounter between the victim and all the people behind this technology. The storytelling demonstrates that whatever the technology, it’s always men and women that pull the strings.

The complete campaign can be seen online: technologie.peugeot.be

Client: Peugeot
Agency: Havas Worldwide

portfolio deliveroo

Deliveroo, it’s all about time. Time was the keyword for this film. We wanted to illustrate that, with a bike, you are faster than any other type of vehicle in a big city. It’s fast, it’s green, it’s healthy and your food will arrive warm and on time.

In this commercial, we worked with Kenny Belaey, belgian trial biker, 6 time world champion and Sang-Hoon Degeimbre, chef of « l’Air du temps » two michelin stars restaurant.

Client: Deliveroo
Agency: Search Project & Girafeo

portfolio empreintes nomades

Empreintes Nomades, Explosion. Cinema campaign in collaboration with Ibou Studio for the new opening of Empreintes Nomades.
Our main goal was to visually show the explosion of oriental savoury in their plates.

Colorful, slow-motion and an original track signed by Konoba.

portfolio dancing room

Dancing Room. Concept film for a fashion show at the inauguration of the Steigenberger Hotel, organized by Nationa(a)l.

It’s a part of a quadriptyque showing Belgian artists in a original way, taking life in a hotel room.

portfolio viva for life

Viva for Life, Conscientisation. TV & Cinema campaign to raise awareness of the precarious situation of childhood:

One child out of four lives in poverty in Belgium.

Client: Viva for Life, RTBF
Agency: Duval Guillaume

portfolio vennbahn

VENNBAHN, a path of transmission

The Vennbahn is the longest European bicycle track.

For this project we have been hired by National Geographic channel to direct a short ad. We did not simply shoot beautiful images, but we brought to life a story of transmission between a old railroad man and a kid on his bike.

portfolio mons04
portfolio mons03
portfolio mons02
portfolio mons01

MONS 2015. Advertising campaign for the city of Mons, which has been nominated, has European capital of culture for 2015. It is a string of various atypical characters, all of different nationalities all proudly calling Mons their home.

This resolution is simply the result of great pride to see their city hosting such a prestigious event. So in 2015 we are all from Mons!

portfolio cta

CTA. CTA is a chemical school based in Brussels.

In that advert, we wanted to enhance the importance of the science in the every day life, and to give the desire to understand this science.

We draw a connecting line between ordinary people and scientist. Everyone has this scientific fibre in him. That’s what, you shall discover it in that movie, the link between these two worlds.

portfolio search

SEARCH. Documentary tracing the story of two young professional Para gliders traveling across Africa, in the quest to find unexplored flying spots.

A 4 months trip, across 10 countries, a real odyssey full of emotions, discoveries, breath-taking landscapes and unexpected meetings, but above all a great human adventure!

portfolio 33

33%. 33% is a group of 3 artist painters.

Their uniqueness is that their creations are the result of the work of 3 hands. Each painting is the product of an improvisation from three different pencils.

Discover the conception of one of these eclectic creations!

portfolio peterman

PETERMAN. The brand Peterman is known for their Liquor. They just renewed the design of their bottles. We had a brief to picture this new trend of dynamism refreshing the brand.

portfolio itqi

ITQI. International Taste and Quality Institute gather each year a hundred top chefs and sommeliers.

For several days, they will blind test thousand of worldwide products.

Their objective: value the added value of products.


The Engine The team

Every adventure is unique and each movie needs people who exceed in their field of expertise.

That’s the reason why we created Girafeo. A director/DOP duo willing to film stories by meeting and working with new collaborators and dreamers.

We are sharing the envy to sublime the inner truth of things, places and people that we are filming.

profil julien



profil laurent




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